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Welcome to the Sun group! We are a research group led by Prof. Bo Sun at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School (Tsinghua SIGS) . We are also part of Guangdong Key Laboratory of Thermal Management Engineering & Materials.
We explore thermal/phonon transport properties of semiconductors, polymers and across metal/semiconductor & semiconductor/semiconductor interfaces using state-of-the-art optical pump probe spectroscopies. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and spans from fundmental physics to applications in semiconductor industry.

Selected Publications

Qinshu Li, Fang Liu, Song Hu, Xiaokun Gu, Xinqiang Wang, Bo Sun et al. "Inelastic phonon transport across atomically sharp metal/semiconductor interfaces." Nature Communications, 13, 4901, 2022.
Bo Sun, Shanyuan Niu, Raphael P Hermann, Michael E Manley, Jayakanth Ravichandran, Austin J Minnich et al. "High frequency atomic tunneling yields ultralow and glass-like thermal conductivity in chalcogenide single crystals." Nature Communications, 11, 6039, 2020.
Bo Sun, Georg Haunschild, Carlos Polanco, James Ju, Lucas Lindsay, Gregor Koblmüller, Yee Kan Koh, "Dislocation-induced thermal transport anisotropy in single-crystal group-III nitride films." Nature Materials, 18, 136, 2019.

Recent News [More News]

# We have a few fully funded Postdoctoral, PhD, and Master positions. Please feel free to contact Bo directly.

Sep 2023: Xinfu, Xin, Xiangtian and Jingjing joined us!

June 2023: The group attend WTT 2023 in Xi'an!

Sep 2022: Yufeng and Shasha now are PhD candidates!

Aug 2022: Qinshu and Fang's work has been published in Nature Communications! Congratulations to them!

July 2022: Lu successfully defended her PhD dissertation! Congratulations to Dr. Zhao!

May 2022: We have set up the 2nd TDTR in our new lab!

Apr 2022: Doudou, Yizhe and Qinshu successfully passed their qualify exam!

Dec 2021: Qinshu presents her work in MRS Fall and wins the best student presentation award! Congratulations!

Sep 2021: Rongjie joined us, welcome!

Sep 2021: Songrui left for UC Riverside. All the best!

Aug 2021: We have finshed setting up our new lab at the Energy & Environment Building.

Jan 2021: Our work on atomic tunneling induced ultralow and glass-like heat conduction in BaTiS3 is covered in Science Daily,, and Chemistry World.

Sep 2020: Yizhe, Qinshu and Shasha joined us!

July 2020: Doudou joined us!

Sep 2019: Yufeng joined the group as my first master student!

Apr 2019: Bo officially joined Tsinghua SIGS as an assistant professor.

Dec 2018: Our first TDTR setup is fully operational at the Energy & Environment Building.

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