Thermophysical Properties

The files are in excel\CSV\ASCII formats. Please let me know if you find any errors in these files. Data sources are listed, please cite respective papers when using these data.

Thermal Conductivity and Volumetric Heat Capacity

Thermal Conductivity Heat Capacity Reference Note
BaTiS3 BaTiS3 Nature Communications 11, 6039 (2020) CVT grown, needle like, 2cm x 100 um x 50 um single crystal. Thermal conductivity was measured using TDTR, heat capacity was measured by PPMS and calculated by Dr. Nina Shulumba.
H2O & D2O Ice VII H2O & D2O Ice VII arXiv:2305.15713 Thermal conductivity and heat capacity of ice and heavy ice under pressure up to 50 GPa in DAC cells.

Thermal Conductance across Interfaces

Thermal Conductance Reference Note
Al/Si Nature Communications 13, 4901 (2022) MBE grown abrupt interface and diffuse interface. Abrupt, sharp interface was grown at 100 ℃ while the diffuse interface was grown at 300 ℃ using MBE after removal of native oxide. The interface with native oxide is grown using e-beam evaporation.
Al/GaN Nature Communications 13, 4901 (2022) MBE grown at 150 ℃ in situ on freshly grown GaN thin film in the same chamber.

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