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Our research group studies thermal transport properties in materials and nanostructures using state-of-the-art optical techniques.

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Prof. Sun’s paper on phonon-dislocation scattering was published in Nature Materials! 

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The Group attended WTT 2019 in Wuhan and Prof. Sun gave an invited talk!
Prof. Sun presented our research at ICEE 2019 in Nanjing!

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Our research is focusing on understanding thermal transport properties using experimental techniques. By doing so, we aim to develop better materials for various applications, such as thermal management of electronic devices or thermal insulation.

heat transfer in-situ and in-operando

As an optical technique, our TDTR setup can be used to study heat transfer in-situ and in-operando with improved accuracy and robustness. With such ability, we aim to study heat transfer with pressure, intercalation, etc. (in-situ) and under different working conditions of electronic devices (in-operando).

phonon transport

The dominant heat carrier in semiconductors is phonon. Phonon transport determines thermal transport properties in a material. We study phonon transport processes, with particular interest in phonon scattering by complex lattice imperfections (such as dislocations) and phonon transport across interfaces.

develop new thermal measurement techniques

Electronics are getting small, and that is preventing not only heat dissipation due to high power density, but also measurement of thermal properties at the nanoscale and atomic level. Our goal is to develop new tools to measure thermal properties at samller scales by employing advanced optical techniques.

Principal Investigator
Bo Sun 
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor, TBSI, Tsinghua University
Deputy Director, Guangdong Key Lab of Thermal Management Engineering and Materials
Research Scientist, TBSI, Tsinghua University
Postdoctoral Scholar, California Institute of Technology

PhD in Mech Eng, National Univ. of Singapore, 2012-2016
MS in Chemistry, Shandong University, 2008-2011
BS in Physics, Shandong University, 2004-2008

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Current group members

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Houfu Song

TDTR superuser; heat transfer across  interfaces; heat transfer under extreme conditions

BS, Tsinghua University
Joined group: 2018

Lu Zhao

TDTR Superuser; Safety Coordinator; Heat transfer in 2D materials

BS, Tsinghua University
Joined group: 2018

Dr. Lijuan Zhang

Coherent phonon transport in superlattices

PhD, Wollongong University
Joined group: 2019

Yufeng Wang

TR-PBD, thermal expansion coefficient measurements

BS, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Joined group: 2019

Dr. Bin Wang

Heat transfer under extreme conditions

PhD, Dalian University of Technology
Joined group: 2019